Jack Thiel

“Great. I had never been advised by anyone before that my investment profits would be subject to the self-employment tax. I know now I have to look into this.”posted 03/03/2016 on

J & L

“So informative and entertaining. Emphasis on doing good for others is part of why we want to be a part of something bigger. Look forward to more meetings and getting to know everyone better. Great contacts. ”

Ron Stewart

“ My first meeting. WOW! So glad I came. It was awesome, the atmosphere, the knowledge shared, the welcoming from so many, the transparency of the speakers… So much to make up a great learning and social event. I’m looking forward to the next meeting, and I intend to attend them all! Thanks guys, COACH

Valerie Harper

“ I learn something new every time I attend. Coach and Jon are very knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge. This is a fantastic meetup group to network with and share ideas while learning the ins and outs of real estate investing. ”

Tiffany Cui

“It’s been a short two months since I joined the Outback, these are also the most influential and high impact two months. Coach and Jon don’t just teach real estate, they teach LIFE! They mentor us to see our personality traits, to see decades of ingrained habits and thoughts that inhibit our growth, and then