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Outback's Fundamentals Boot Camp

Are you new to real estate investing, reading & watching videos on everything to try to learn how to get started? Are you getting confused with all the different methods and gimmicks that are being thrown around,  peddled as "silver bullets" to cracking your first deal? Or have you been investing for a while & seem stuck in neutral...not being able to get to the next level but not knowing  what to change? 

Well, the reason for both types of situations is a lack of investing fundamentals.  Without fundamentals you have nothing.  You might be able to rely on luck or fudging your numbers for short term success but it will not sustain your investing for the long term. That's where the Outback comes in...

The Outback has created the Investing Fundamentals Boot Camp to get back to the basic fundamentals of investing. It is designed as a sequential & comprehensive four day program to start investing as soon as it is completed. 
Experience the following at the 4  day intensive boot camp:
  •  Discover the Abundance Mindset of Successful Investors
  •  Create a wealth plan with no money down techniques
  •  Discover 3 investment models & criteria that work today
  •  Master the foreclosure process where opportunity lives
  •  Creative finance to acquire property with little to no money
  •  Proven contracts & negotiation techniques
  •  Master scripts and dialogues with distressed sellers
  •  Implement technology to run your business
...and much more!!
Register now for only $1,497....such an amazing value!
Listen to previous Boot Camp Students talk about the program: