Michael Kaleikini is Hard Money Investment Specialist.  He has an extensive background in Business Development and operations. He has worked in numerous industries including Finance and has proven time and again his tenacity and drive to be one of the main reasons Private lenders have made good returns.
After the crash of 2007-08, Michael needed to continue growing in some way to enhance growth in the
finance industry and started in the realm of Private lending consulting. His experience there has brought him experience in underwriting, closing, funding, and trouble-shooting loans. He believes the experience is invaluable and he brings all of that to Investors nationwide to Arena while liquidity is still struggling to return to normal. His aim is to help investors with a lack of true interest growth to find new opportunities by showing them how to become private lenders and increasing their returns on their investments or cash on cash.
Michael is a Certified Business Etiquette Trainer which is why he does well in investor relations. He seeks out new investors tired of getting less than 4% returns on retirement accounts, money market accounts, CDs, and alternative investments that can only show low returns. Here he believes you can gain an aggressive return with moderate to low risk. All secured by the most secure collateral. Real Estate.

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Contact:Michael H Kaleikini B.A., ABETA