Pest Control and your Investment

by Ren Richards


Hiring a pest control company can have many benefits when comparing it to taking the DIY approach towards pests such as rodents, spiders or termites. These companies have employees that are well studied and trained to treat and have the knowledge of how to handle infestations. If you are looking to protect a new home or treat an older one, consider the advantages of a qualified and highly recommended pest control service.

Customizable Home Care

Your home is your investment, and protecting it from invaders means having the best protection. When you send in the pest control army to win back your home, they set up a plan that is specific to your situation. They will take into consideration the size and layout of your house, the level and type of infestation and suggest a long-term prevention solution. You will also have the option to do pre-treatments on new builds, perimeter treatment to keep bugs away from the immediate surroundings of the home and one time services to treat hives and nests. Exterminators will monitor your home on a regular basis, and show you the exact treatment and improvements needed.


Monthly fees can seem costly, but, it can cost thousands of dollars in home repairs if bedbugs, roaches or termites infest your home. Let’s not forget the potential for lost rent, and possibility of needing to evacuate your tenants and pay for their hotel stay while the problem is treated. You may not know the signs of termites or how to properly inspect for German roaches or bedbugs. Pest control companies know exactly what to look for and the cost of their service is mere pennies compared to repairing prolonged termite damage.


Technicians are trained to know how their chemicals work and where to apply them inside and outside of a home. Many companies are now using environmentally responsible products that are safe for people and pets. When technicians need to use products that can be hazardous, they have the expertise to ensure the safety of all family members. There are a lot of chemical sprays available to consumers, but most often the effective active ingredient amounts are much less than those that are available to a professional company and can cost almost as much a simple visit from your local technician.


No one wants to wait for the “bug people”, and most pest service companies are willing to work around your daily schedule. When you make your initial meeting to discuss their programs, make sure to inquire about their hours of operation, if they work on weekends and their emergency policies.

Getting control and maintaining control of pest infestations can take time, and using pest control products in the manner they are intended is fundamental to successfully protecting your investment home. If you are looking to do it on your own, you can easily forget when to retreat your home, or know which products can best be used for the type of weather you may be having at the time. Often times, DIY pesticide applications and product selection are done with the advice of employees at big box home improvement stores, who have no special training and no background in the area of pest prevention or eradication. Pest control companies monitor and report every time they spray and know when to retreat before the product stops working. They will apply the best product for the time of year and weather conditions, and the best part is; if you need help with a new onslaught of bugs, many companies will come back and retreat free of charge.

Drawbacks of DYI

Have you ever heard that killing a killer bee will attract the hive and swarm you? Using a wrong elimination method can have similar disastrous consequences with many pests. Bees will swarm and mice can scatter and ants will build satellite colonies, spreading diseases and germs, when their nest is disturbed. Using an exterminator means having someone who knows how to deal with potential movement, new nests and the risks inherent with treating them. Most homeowners and tenants don’t know the type of ant, roach or termite they may be dealing with, which can make successfully treating them nearly impossible. Plus when dealing with insects like termites, the monetary risk of DYI’ing can really haunt you when improperly handled.

You can attempt the DYI approach and try to rid your home of disease-carrying pests, but using a quality pest control company ensures year-round protection. Plus, you can rest assured your family, human and furry alike, will be safe from harmful chemicals. So save yourself time and money by using a professional, guaranteed pest service and rid your home of pesky invaders the right way!

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